Home Happenings - March 2017

March was another busy, fun-filled month for us all at Moniteau Care Center!

Since March was National Craft Month, the residents made a different crafts for a few holidays like St. Patrick's Day and Easter.  They colored, painted and enjoyed their time together!  We have also started a "Wall of Crafts" for all of our art work to be displayed.  Our residents love being able to go by the wall and see their creativeness on display!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day the best way we knew how... by wearing beads and enjoying tasty treats!  Our residents had a contest to see who could drink the most green punch and the crowd cheered them on as they went at it!  We enjoyed a snack table full of goodies and our Activity Director, Sierra Fisher, dressed as a leprechaun which was hilarious for everyone to see!  We had such a great time celebrating St. Patrick's Day!


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